Practical Instruction

Ad Gentes Mission provides important information and guidance to prepare your team for mission.  We can provide instruction about safety and security, sharing a testimony and how to evangelize according to the demographics of your mission territory, and leadership training.


Safety and Security

Learn why understanding the cultural climate of the place of mission can help your team navigate the people you serve or evangelize.  Your team will learn how to create a strategy for traveling to mission and staying safe throughout the entire mission trip.




Learn how to give a witness or share your testimony with others on mission.  You will receive guidance and instruction for answering specific questions about the Faith according to the demographics of your mission.



Leadership Training

We will work with the mission leaders to develop roles and responsibilities related to guiding and preparing a team for mission.  We will be the mission leaders support system as you manage the many challenges of steering a strong team towards mission.


Financial Support

Ad Gentes Mission is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that offers an infrastructure to process tax-deductible donations.


Spiritual Guidance

Are you discerning a missionary vocation or considering joining a mission team?  We can help you.