Over 50 young, excited missionaries are dedicating their time and talents to mission trips in far off places.  In Christ-like fashion, they go to the margins of society; the poor, the lost, and the hopeless.  They witness in schools, bars, shantytowns, and scarred cities.  Read more about each mission, get involved, and donate today! 


Ukraine Mission

Ukraine Teaching Mission strives to serve hundreds of Ukrainian Catholic University students through an intensive, English immersion program called English Summer School (ESS). In spending a month of the summer dedicated to English instruction, our team of 17 teaching volunteers will go beyond language barriers or simply cultural exchange to improve language levels and English understanding.


Ireland Mission

The Ireland mission seeks to respond to the call of the Church to evangelization and the call of desperate hearts. In order to revitalize the culture of Ireland, missionaries will meet the locals where they are: in the schools, on the streets, and in the pubs. Through bar ministry, catechesis, and holy conversations a witness is given to people of all age levels.

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Peru Mission

Peru Mission is in its first year of service. On this mission, a group of college students will spend their spring break serving the Peruvians who live in the shantytowns in the mountains of Lima. Service will include working alongside the locals to improve the safety and ease of access to their homes and also meeting their spiritual needs in any way possible. Each day begins with prayer and ends with Mass, and the missionary-students will spend one day of pilgrimage in Lima in order to gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the city and culture they are serving.

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Russia Mission

Magadan Mission is composed of a team of college students who dedicate their summer to serving and evangelizing God's people in Magadan, Russia. The students work closely with an American priest, Fr. Michael Shields, and assist him in serving the people of Magadan in any way they can. The focus of the mission is bringing those in Magadan into deeper relationship with Him through acts of love, service, and sacrifice.

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Alaska Mission

Alaska Mission invites you to serve the northern-most Catholic mission diocese in our country! In June 2018, a group of young men and women will be passionately and joyfully ministering to young adults within the Fairbanks Diocese for an entire year. Their ministry will span the cultures and ages found within the Diocese including both adult and youth formation with Alaskan Natives and non-natives who call this Diocese home. Specifically, this missionary endeavor will be a hybrid approach to parish and family faith catechesis through partnership and training with the Catechetical Institute of Franciscan University.


Russia Full Time Mission

Russia Mission's goal is to serve the people of Magadan through sharing the joy of Christ. Some of our ministries include teaching the Catholic faith and the English language to the local kids, hosting young adult events, leading a Women's group, opening the church for young creatives to hang out and share in fellowship, helping around the church and the city, and general relational/friendship ministry. While striving to live the life of Nazareth and bring the light and joy of Christ to the people of this city.


Full Time Ukraine Teaching Mission

The heart of the Full-Time Ukraine Teaching Mission is serving Ukrainian Catholic University students in L’viv, Ukraine. This is an extension of Ukraine Teaching Mission, as working as an English professor year-round provides ample opportunities for the students to encounter Truth, beauty, and goodness in intentional, classroom environments. Through relational ministry, English instruction, and prayer, missionaries and students will pursue authentic friendships with each other and Christ.

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Poland Summer 2019



I dream of being a Foreign Service Agent in the US Embassy in Poland. I long to serve my country, the United States of America, as well as the people of Poland as a US diplomat. I want to begin my life in public service this summer as I learn intensive Polish, serve in the ranks of Habitat for Humanity-Poland, and invite Polish natives back to church.

To be an effective diplomat, it is paramount to be able to communicate. But the Polish language is the second most difficult in the world! I have already begun my studies, and it truly is a challenging endeavor! Please pray for me as I learn intensive, full immersion Polish!

I also want to serve the Polish people and help them with some of their most critical needs. Winters in Poland are harsh, and 60% of all residences in Poland have no insulation. I will be working with Habitat for Humanity to help them accomplish this goal of insulating and providing more adequate heating options for the Polish people. I will also be inviting folks back to church. Poland is still 80% Catholic, but only 35% of those folks go to church on Sunday. Sometimes, all we need is a smiling face to remind us of what we are missing😊